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Air Trip has revolutionised waste trailers. Using Air Tip, waste trailers can be rear loaded by a compactor for maximum load density, but also side unloaded. Side unloading reduces unloading times to 40 minutes for a walking floor trailer, and 5 minutes for a side tipper. Increased loads per day increases productivity. Remote tipping switch allows drivers to tip the trailer from any truck.


Air-only operation runs off a standard compressor. No need to remove fuel tanks or use a PTO, saving $20,000 of truck set up. Removing hydraulics completely from your fleet removes the liability of oil pressurised to 3000psi. This high oil pressure creates one of the highest risk hazards on work sites. Air operating at 100psi creates a clean and safer work environment.


Air Tip bins are stronger than comparable light weight trailers due to their integrated design and use of Hardox® steel instead of aluminium. Side tippers have less moving parts than walking floor trailers and can take a beating from all sorts of refuse.


Air Tip trailers use only air not oil. No oil leaks, no oil spills! Air Tip trailers tip using low-pressure compressed air from the truck air compressor. No hydraulic system is required. Say goodbye to oil spillage, environmental problems, and maintenance and safety of of hydraulics!

Cubic Capacity: 80m

Tare weight: 10.8T

Hydraulics: nill

Operating pressure: 100psi

Truck infrastructure: nill (saving 600kg and $10,000 on PTO install)

Construction: Toowoomba Qld, full Hardox 450 grate walls and floor.

Geometry: 15 degree floor, 30 degree tip and 45 degree discharge.

Configuration: Available in Single, B-double and A-double.

High Volume Side Tipper Air Tip


Simple access to air bags from ground

Simple access to air bags from ground

For the first time a side tipper can be attached to a waste compactor

For the first time a side tipper can be attached to a waste compactor

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