From it’s inception, the Air Tip’s number one priority was to reduce the tare weight of the entire vehicle without additional compromise. We achieved this by thinking smart.

Air Tip’s bin and chassis have been integrated into one super strong unit.

The monocoque design saves weight and adds strength. Over the years, this idea has been used in other transport equipment such as fuel tankers, fridge vans, stock crates, tip over axle end tippers……. and now Air Tip.

Air Tip does not require the following features in the Prime mover towing it, hence tare weight is reduced:

  • PTO (Power Take-off)
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Oil Tank
  • 100′s of kilograms of hydraulic oil.

New modern engines are heavier in the drive and steer and they need to carry maximum fuel. The removal of the hydraulic system goes a long way to lighten the prime mover and increase pay load on the lead trailer.