Air Tip’s new side tipper technology displayed at ITTES

There is a new player in the side tipper market and it is bringing a product that will provide massive cost and productivity savings to Australian transport operators.

The Air Tip transport trailer represents a quantum leap for side tipping technology used to transport bulk materials for road construction, mining, quarry work and farming.
The inventor, Clarke Petrick, is a geophysicist working in the mining industry however he grew up in a family transport business. He understands firsthand the dynamics of both industries.
He first came upon the idea to use air as a tipping mechanism working out bush with a truck with air suspension.

Mr Petrick noticed the ease of operation to raise and lower the vehicle.  Taking this further he realised a major cost for the mine he was working at was getting material to port.
“The need to increase the efficiency of mine haulage to port became apparent to me when working on mine economics,” he said.
After three years of development the result is a smart, clean and light system which can be used on any prime mover.
The system uses the infrastructure already installed on the prime mover. It runs off a standard truck air compressor. The Air Tip trailer uses the same airlines as a standard trailer and takes approximately five minutes to charge the trailers for tipping.
He said once charged all the trailers, for instance triple road trains, can be unloaded at the same time.
“It’s a similar time for a single trailer as it is for multiple trailers, the difference from other systems is it can tip three trailers in the same time as one trailer,” he explained.
Air Tip’s bin and chassis have been integrated into one super strong unit giving it a monocoque design which saves on overall weight and adds strength to the system.
What the Air Tip doesn’t need is a Power Take Off (PTO) to operate the tipping mechanism.  It also doesn’t need a hydraulic pump or the subsequent oil tank. This means much lower set up costs, maintenance costs and with the tare weight reduced the result is greater payload for operators.
“Initial savings include the price of a PTO for the truck and the costs in getting it and the oil tank fitted, which is approximately $12,000,” he said.
“Then you add in the maintenance savings of a hydraulic fitter of approximately $5000 a year.
“A one tonne additional pay load will lead to significant savings,” Mr Petrick said.
With the lack of extra equipment prime movers have the ability to work across numerous transport applications giving managers more flexibility in equipment operations.
“The ability to call in regular freight subbies to capitalise on larger short term contracts is a really big positive with having this simplified system,” he said.
On the environmental side he said with no possibility of a hydraulic spill this could save days per year of downtime on mine sites doing paperwork to explain the environmental issue.
He also pointed to safety increases as the operating pressure of the Air Tip system is dramatically reduced from 2000psi to just 100psi.
He said the system can’t be retrofitted to existing side tippers however Air Tip is manufacturing bins in Australia.
“We are keeping our manufacturing arm in Australia to be close to the operators working in our extremely harsh and demanding conditions so we can develop a product fit for the purpose,” he explained.
Mr Petrick said he was looking forward to exhibiting the Air Tip at the upcoming International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show (ITTES) from April 3rd to 7th.
“I am inviting all operators to come to our exhibit at stand TSL10 on the Town Square Lawn and see how the Air Tip system can help you boost productivity in your business.”

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